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Dometic Kampa Portaflush Portable Toilet (10 Litre)

Dometic Kampa Portaflush Portable Toilet (10 Litre)

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At a glance:

• The 10-litre waste tank and 12-litre flush tank are each one unit with no seams,

• Easy to empty with quick-release latches, and simple to clean with smooth surfaces and a matte finish,

• Double sealed valve system protects against leaks and odours,

• Large and strong enough to be used by adults, with a loading capacity of 200 kg,

• Small enough for use in campers, caravans, motorhomes, boats and tents.

If you are looking for the convenience of having your own portable toilet, then the Kampa Portflush 10 litre toilet is an excellent choice. A camping toilet isn't always just a luxury, it can be an essential bit of camping kit for many.

The Portaflush has a 12 litre flush tank and a good size 10 litre waste tank that completes a one piece construction with no seams.

Size and weight: The unit measures 31.5 cm by 36 cm by 41 cm, and weighs just 5 kg.

Key features:

• Small and light enough to be stowed away in your vehicle and set up almost anywhere,

• Finished in a neutral grey colour with a matte finish,

• Made with tough, thick walls so it’s resistant to accidental damage,

• Flushes just like your toilet at home, which is extremely convenient,

• Supplied with complete instructions for set up, emptying and cleaning.

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