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International 1 Pack Varnish Schooner

International 1 Pack Varnish Schooner

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SCHOONER® (One-Pack Varnish)

  • Premium quality, traditional tung oil varnish with excellent UV protection
  • Rich golden colour and deep gloss
  • Good flow-out and self-levelling characteristics for easier application

    Finish: High Gloss
    No. of Coats: 5-7
    Practical Coverage (m²/Lt): 14.3
    Substrates: Wood (suitable for use direct to oily timber e.g teak or iroko)
    Application: Brush, Roller, Spray
    Thinners: No. 1 (Brush/Roller) No. 3 (Spray)
    UV Protection/Gloss Retention: ❂❂❂