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Owatrol Marine Strip Paints and Coatings Remover(1ltr)

Owatrol Marine Strip Paints and Coatings Remover(1ltr)

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Marine Strip is a powerful water-soluble paint and anti-fouling stripper designed for marine uses which can remove up to 8 coats in just one application. It is perfect for use on boat gelcoats as it’s gel consistency means no drips, even on vertical surfaces. It is safe to use on virtually any surfaces including wood, plastic, metal and GRP and it makes stripping even intricate detailing a doddle!

As it’s water-soluble, Marine Strip can simply be rinsed away with water using a pressure washer and it has an active working time of up to 12 hours meaning it doesn’t require constant supervision and immediate removal as some products do. It is VOC free and non flammable, so Marine Strip is safe to use in poorly ventilated or confined areas. Marine Strip is not effective on 2 component, baked-on paints or polyurethane paint and varnish. Marine Strip is a must-have for all boat owners, a powerful but easy to use paint stripper for almost any surface on your boat.

Ideal Uses for Marine Paint Stripper

  • Reviving the gelcoat on your boat
  • Stripping peeling paint or varnish from handrails
  • Removing wood stain from boat decks
  • Stripping old paint from metal fixtures


Marine Strip will not remove 2-pack paints, for this use DSP 800 (except on GRP and plastics).



Coverage: 4m2 per litre
Tools: Brush, Roller
Suitable for: Exterior use
Clean up: Water
Average Working Time: Varies depending on finish to be removed but for alkyd/oil based finishes usually 1 coat – 5-15 mins, 2 coats – 10-30mins, 3 coats – 15-45 mins
Active Working Time: 12 hours
Suitable Surfaces: Most surfaces (excluding aluminium & wood veneers)
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