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Narrow Boat / Flat-sided Fenders 60 x 5 Single eye Black

Narrow Boat / Flat-sided Fenders 60 x 5 Single eye Black

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Specially designed for the narrow and canal boats, these tough inflatable fenders offer excellent protection when travelling through locks, passing other crafts in congested areas and mooring. Two models are available: a flat-sided tough one piece moulding with two solid rope eyes, and the a rigid rope eye, and the inflatable tube with a reinforced rope eye, available in two sizes.


  • Small diameter to help with limited searoom on canal
  • Choice of either single or double eye
  • Ideal when the ‘squeeze is on’ and the paintwork need protecting
  • Available in black, burgundy and royal blue as standard. Other colours on request
  • Proven rugged and hard wearing design
  • UV stabilised for maximum wear protection and long product life
  • Manufactured from a special harder material than our standard, to cope with aggressive abuse

Weight 1.08 kg Dimensions 62 x 16 x 6 cm
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