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Sahara Automatic Bilge Pump 750 GPH

Sahara Automatic Bilge Pump 750 GPH

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The new Sahara series of automatic bilge pumps are available in three popular flow capacities; 750 gph pump. Comes with non-mercury, non-toxic float switches. These pumps are durable and easy to install, and they offer boaters a sleek new
design that has been tested relentlessly to deliver reliable, efficient, automatic operation in harsh saltwater and freshwater uses.

Sahara pumps feature an improved pump chamber and motor housing. As water flows through the pump chamber, it circulates around the pump motor housing, helping to absorb the heat given off by the operating motor. And a cooler-running motor means a
longer life for the pump. Sahara uses the best quality bearings and state-of-the-art brushes, alloys and magnets for extended pump life. The new shaft seal centres directly on the motor shaft, preventing leaks caused by misalignment.

3-Year Warranty

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